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Welcome to my home page,

today, after an exiting part of my life, chasing money, changing countries and still trying to be myself, I have reached finally more calm waters, which allowed me to write some books, dedicate myself to my hobbies and completing my inner structure by meditation on the way to become and stay a Good Person. Please do not confound a good person with lack of movement, on the contrary, my actions have increased considerably, but the actions are now much more well considered, look at my instructions on the top!
If you go through the following pages you may have the impression, that I am a giant doing a lot of things at the same time. This is not quite true. I had the great chance to live an intensive life in three countries, Germany, Switzerland and Brazil and visit a lot of others in the Americas, Europe, Asia, etc., always with open eyes. In spite of working very hard I always arranged time for sports like swimming and sailing to keep my mind and body fit. Come and see!

Have a nice day!

Reading instructions: on cel phones you must touch the + symbol on top to get to the further pages. On PC's clicking on "Hobbies" the pop-up is rather dark, so here the sequence of the pages from top tp bottom:
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