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                           MFG Göppingen, 1952, Alfred Kiesel, Jean Krah, "Lücke", etc.

My aeromodelling carreer started in the early fifties, when I was in charge of a working group for aerodynamics at the local Gymnasium in southern Germany. We tested various types of aerofoils, including, of course, the famous "Clark Y", "MVA 123" and "MVA 310" from the Goettingen Modellversuchsanstalt, amongst many others, developped by ourselves.
My first models, built at home, were extremely ambitious. A "Flying Saucer" and various flying wings (called "Wing only" in Germany). None of them flew well. The first sucessful model was a copy of a Horten design with 1600 mm wingspan, built with thin plywood ribs and spruce spars and covered with a rather strong paper, finished with dope.

You can imagine that it was rather heavy. One gloomy winter morning during a weak snow fall we pulled it up with with a thin 50m rope and it began circling and circling and circling under a heavy cloud without any sign to come down. Suddenly the cloud opened letting pass a small bundle of sunshine. My "Nurflügler" went right up into this hole, the cloud closed again and it was never more seen. Ads in the local newspaper had no success. Maybe it came down in your country?


Another "Nurflügel" project, Diesel powered  by Webra .049


V-51  competition model, Diesel powered by Webra 2,5 cm³, 
built by myself 1952 (18 years old) from a Graupner plan.


60 years later: I built the same model adapted to Polyester cover,
 brushless e-power, LiPo battery and a 2.4 GHz radio system

More models may be seen in the section "Photos"