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Welcome to my personal  web site!

This is my personal web site destined to my friends all over the world. It is written in English for common understanding, but you may answer or ask questions also in German or in Portuguese.

I hate spam and if your messages include any spam, agressions or immoral content, you will obviously  get no answer. Discussions about my ideas, which express my very personal opinion, must be done in a friendly understanding way, without passion. Keep cool if you disagree!

Again: this is a private home page destined to my friends and not to the general public!

And now to my friends after so much screenig advices: Come and see, read and know a little bit more about me.

Kurt J.F. Wolff

As an introduction a resumé of my curriculum vitae:

1934 born in Giessen-Germany
1943-1944 Beethoven Konservatorium Bad Teplitz-Schönau, piano
1953 german "Abitur"at humanistic Gymnasium Göppingen
1954-1956 technical university Hannover, mechanical engineering
1956-1960 technical university Aachen, mechanical engineering, physics
1959 thesis "Die Vorstromentladung und Zündung in Stickstoff im Nahdurchschlagsgebiet"
1959 marriage with the Brazilian chemist Maria Thereza Mendonça
1960 degree "Diplom Physiker"
1961 Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, various industrial activities in
- automotive head lamp production, (GE)
- automotive bearings (Johnson Bronze)
- industrial projects: turbines , compressors, pumps, Diesel engines,ventilators, industrial air condition, (Sulzer do Brasil)
1963 Winterthur-Switzerland, projects of power plant steam generators, heat exchangers, nuclear power plants, combined power plants, (Sulzer Bros.)
1968 Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, projects of ships engine rooms, civil and military, (Matex- MAN)
1970 foundation of Kurt J.F. Wolff Máquinas &Equipamentos, representative, later on Ltd and KWM-Rio, representation of rubber and plastic machinery and production lines, mixers, production of marine equipment and environment protection equipment (see: www.kwmrio.com )
1999 first book "Warum - Ein Leitfaden zur Selbsterkenntnis"
2001 book "Die Einheitsphilosophie"
2013 book "O Emigrante"
2015 book "Lascas", 
2015 book "Splitter", 
2015 book "A Filosofia da União"
- Planned books: "Quem sou EU"
(A Nova Filosofia da União")
-languages: german, english, portuguese and swiss dialect spoken and written, spanish, french, italian spoken, japanese, dutch, norwegian, swedish regular knowledge, russian, polish and servo-croatian some notion
- Hobbies: master swimming, sailing, aeromodelling, golf, music (keyboard), drawing and painting, writing
MFG- Modell Flug Gruppe Göppingen (1950)
HTC-Hockey-und Tennis-Club Schwarz-Weiss Neuss (1953)
Corps Hannoverania Hannover (1954)
Corps Albingia Aachen (1956)
Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro (1968)
ABVO-Associação Brasileira de Veleiros de Oceano (1970)
FEVERJ-Federação de Vela do Rio de Janeiro (1970)
SOBENA Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia Naval (1973)
MBC Burgdorf- Modellbauclub Burgdorf (1998)
ACA-Associação Carioca de Aeromodelismo (1999)
ABMN-Associação Brasileira de Masters de Natação (1999)
FARJ-Federação Aquática do Rio de Janeiro (2000)
BGC-Burgdorfer Golf Club (2009)
Clube Militar Rio de Janeiro (2010)
TGC-Teresópolis Golf Club (2010)

The data are admission data.

Rio de Janeiro, December 19, 2016, Kurt J.F. Wolff


For any comments please write to:

Kurt J.F. Wolff
Caixa Postal 14.586
Rio de Janeiro-RJ
CEP 22410-002

or click on this link  mailto:priv@kwmrio.com

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