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Here you shall know what is happening this week, this month, what moves me at the moment.....

March 2016: my aeromodelling workshop was becoming very full with no place anymore for new models. So I decided to give twelve models away to my club buddies. Below you can see the happyness of one of them, Jaime with the Rascal C.



 February 2016: I participated in the already traditional "Lorenzo" race Paraia do Ado-Iate Clube with a Le Mans start from the beach. Here you see some snapshots:

aligned on the beach


collecting debris

the start

after the first mark


November 2013: I have published my new book "O Emigrante", which took me more than a decade to compile.
   My wife finished her books "Minha Vida em Ipanema" and "Meus Encontros". Below you can see snapshots of
   the "vernissage".

Autographing the books

The revisor, the editor and the two writers

March 2012: Interests change rapidly, below you can see my new Scooter Sym Citycom 300i, very comfortable,
even on the rough mountain earth trails and top on the road.

August 2011: I bought a nice motorbike, a Hyosung Aquila 250, which is called Kasinski Mirage 250 in Brazil. I will not use it in the heavy traffic of Rio, but only in the mountain cities of Nova Friburgo and Teresopolis. To start with I tried it out on the earth paths in the mountains, full with obstacles and holes and it proved to have also off-road virtues, in spite of being born as a custom highway bike.


July 2011: after only one year of occasional training and with an estimated handicap of 36, I dared to participate in the "Aberdeen Cup" of the Teresopolis Golf Club, where I became a member this year. The picture shows me at the driving range, heating up before the match. Of course I took a last place as a sheep amongst a pack of wolves.


April 2009: I am slowly finishing my commercial activities and returning to my original vocation: physics and mathematics. Of course my hobbies and sports are maintained. I even may add some golf playing this year, now that I have a bit more time.

October 2008: you know that nowadays most celular phones have an integrated photo camera. The other day a crew member of mine (Danilo) took a snapshot of me at the varanda of our yacht club and sent it to me via e-mail with the comment "our captain". My wife when she saw the photo said "aweful, very severe". Now, I mean there is a little difference between severe and earnest. Here it is, you judge:


February 2006:  Lea has found a companion. He is a young german Teckel named "Viriato". The first meeting was in Maca de Cima and it was love at first sight. Now both are living together in Rio.

December 2004: We have a new dog.  It was a hard decision, because we had decided to never more have any dog after the death of Z. But these pain and sadness based decisions never last very long.

So here she is: "Wanderlea", abbreviated "Lea", a non-classificable she-dog, found in december of 2004 in the mountain forest of Maca de Cima, district of Nova Friburgo-RJ near Rio.

When we came to know her better we found that her temperament and behaviour could belong to a Terrier. After some internet research we found that the best classification would be a Rat-terrier, a breed which comes from crosses of Beagles with Terriers, which is now a recognized breed in the USA.

There are no such dogs in Brazil, so she is the product of an occasional crossing of a Beagle with a Terrier in Maca de Cima. In fact there exist many Beagles and some Terriers up there in the mountains which could explain here origin. The only difference is, that she has no cut tail like the rat terriers, but maintains her beautiful Beagle tail.

Summing up, a lovely creature with honey coloured eyes and always good humoured.


-September 2004: Z is dead. My many year long companion left me at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday, September 26, 2004 while I was travelling in Europe. If you did not not know Z you may see him on the page "Splinters-hammocks", lying under my hammock. Z was not a degenerated city dog, he was a country dog, born free on a farm, where his mother, a german shepherd, had a love affair with a brazilian "fila" (similar to a mastiff) from a nearby kennel.
Z was very strong and fierce, he hated other dogs and nobody dared to walk him but myself. He was curious and always good humored, even in his last days, when he had great difficulties in standing up and keeping himself on his feet he did not loose his always positive spirit.
Z was not a normal dog, his ever present curiosity made him participate in all possible events of his ambient, he even tried to "speak" like a human being, he was always true and open to his master. He could also look right into the eyes of a human being, which is exremely seldom for an animal. Other persons from the family could tease him but never go too far; otherwise he would show his teeth.
Z had also his technical interests, he loved the tests of my rather noisy model airplane motors, with due respect to the rotating propeller, but without any fear.
Strong, true, curious, courageous, always active watching the house, in all the past 15 years no burglar had a chance to enter our property, a reliable protector.
Z was not a dog, he was a fully integrated member of our family.
He is leaving a lesson for all of us: never loose your good humor and be positive whatever comes!

- June 2004: World Masters Swimming Championship, Riccione, Italy. This was a great experience. I won no medal, which hurt a bit my pride (My wife won three medals in 50, 100 and 200 m backstroke). I was extremely nervous when my turn came to swim the 100 m breaststroke, for which I had a qualification. I made an excessive effort, the turn was a desaster and I took a 23rd, exceeding the minimum time. Time for reflections! Be more modest and streamline, STREAMLINE and once more STREAMLINE! By the way, my japanese neighbor exceeded also the qualification time, he must have been nervous, too.

-March 2004: Elections for the council of the Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club. I was reelected for the next four years. See what nice assistants I had during the elections!