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Here are some of my models, which I fly in the ACA - Associação Carioca de Aeromodelismo, Campo dos Affonsos airfield, Rio de Janeiro, a colourful collection of gliders , trainers , sport and scale models.


For all who do not reckognize it: This is a SIG Kadet Senior with 2 m wingspan and a MFA Panther .46 engine (very smooth idling and operation) at the ACA Rio de Janeiro airfield.


Lazy Bee, 50" aileron wing, OS .15 LA

Oldtimer Korzár 1950, w.span 1200 mm,
Diesel Super Atom 1.8

My beloved oldtimer V51, w.span 1700 mm,
AC28/7-35D, LiPo 3x1800mAh

Corujinha(PeeWeePal),w.span 840 mm, Norvel .048

All Star, w.span 864/812 mm,OS .10 LA

Kurt Wolff Bloody Mary II, w.span 975 mm, 
brushless, LiPo 3x1300 mAh

Kurt Wolff Tiny, w.span 940 mm, Norvel .061

SIG Four Star, w.span 1517 mm, OS FS Alpha .56

Herr Cloud Ranger, w.span 1067 mm, Thunder Tiger GP.069


Lobinho, 800 mm wingspan,
brushless, LiPo 2 x 500 mAh

KWM-Thermal, 1445 mm wingspan
brushless, LiPo 3x1250 mAh


Lazy Tiger, O.S. MAX .25 LA



Multiplex "Brummi", brushless,
LiPo 3x1800 mAh


Colibri II, Norvel .061 (flown away)


FIT 1800, O.S. .10, wingspan 1.8 m


Focke-Wulf 180 A, Norvel .061
(donated to the Aerospace Museum)


Scorpio "Miss Acro", brushless,
LiPo 3x2500 mAh