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I am writing a book which is called "Splinters" and which is still far from ready for publication.
Splinters are flashes, short ideas which come into my mind just before sleeping, on the way to the office, driving, observing or even dreaming. Here are some new ones not yet included in my script.

Names  Hammocks

For a long time I admired the latin custom of long names with no idea whether these names were practical or not. So I studied my family's history and came to the conclusion that I myself had a name which could compete with the most noble latin names. Here it is:

Kurt Jürgen Folkert Greffer gen.Hemmer Wolff,

all in all six names, wow!
I have still to explain, what means gen. Gen. means "genannt" = "named" and the story is that my maternal forefathers were farmers and the farm was named after them, i.e. "Hemmer - Lindenhof". One of them hade no male sucessors and when his daughter married he oblidged the son in law to change his name from "Greffer" to "Greffer genannt Hemmer" so that the tradition was maintained.
I soon recognized that long names were not very practical and made a lot af changes, that means abbreviations, till the actual one "Kurt J.F. Wolff" was born.

Hammocks are the absolute top of wellness, specially when your dog loves them, too. Always when I pick up my hammock this means "holidays", "relax", "meditation", "creativity" and a lot of other wonderful things. My dog knows this exactly and when I forget about the hammock for a longer time it goes for the hammock, sticks the nose in it and starts barking at me. OK, OK, here I come! I hang the hammock into the proper hooks and before I can jump into it my dog is already lying under it watching and taking care of its master.

There are some special reasons for my hammock love. My father lived as a young engineer in the backlands of nortern Brazil where the normal bed is a hammock. The locals share this custom with the sailors who appreciate the always vertical position of their bed, whatever the heel angle of the ship is. My father had been a sailor,too,shortly after university, sailing around the world, as a typical students adventure.
Thus, when I was born in Germany, the brazilian hammock  still existed and was used as my occasional cradle.
If you know hammocks you can always find the best position which your body requires at the moment. There may be four basic positions and an incredible number of variations. Total stretching of your arms and legs, bending postions, head positions represent no problems. During my sleep I change constantly and automatically my position and if I do not set my internal alarm clock I stay the whole night over in the hammock.

                                                     Hammocks are heaven on earth!