This is my professional page showing most of my projects and achievements in the field of creativity and subject to the IP (intellectual property) rules

Conceived and executed projects

in Brazil:

At Johnson Bronze do Brasil

- Large atmosferic burner for LPG/LNG gas used for heating a tin bath in an automotive bearing line
- Machine for the production of tin bronze sintering powder

At Sulzer do Brasil

- High furnace radial compressor at Belgo Mineira, Monlevade
- Working ventilation for the opening of the Rio water supply tunnel, sector 5, Guandú, Rio de Janeiro
- Various industrial air condition installations, Rio de Janeiro

At Matex

- Marine projects for ships engine rooms, including main and auxiliary engines, propulsion sets and other items, both civil and military
- Navy Amazonas support vessels NAPAFLU and frigates

At Kurt Wolff Máquinas (KWM-Rio)

- Various plastic extrusion lines for the manufacture of compounds, master batch and others, Rio, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, etc.
- Various rubber production lines
- Modernization of a cellophane plant
- Triple powder mixers at IMBEL, Army, military products plant
- Optronic system for the cannon of the Navy school ship Brasil
- Inert Gas Systems KWM/FMV for the large tankers of the Petrobrás/Fronape fleet and the Docenave OBO fleet
- Marine incinerators KWM/FMV
- Cargo/ballast systems KWM
- Development of two prototype 100 HP agricultural tractors for the European market under TÜV- Europa rules in Munich, Germany*)
- Begin of Husqvarna cross country motorcycle manufacture (wheels and structure) **)

in Switzerland:

At Gebrüder Sulzer Winterthur

- Projects of heat changers
- Projects of combustion chambers and burners
- Projects of steam generators and boilers
- Projects (partial) of thermal and nuclear power plants
- Projects of combined power plants with gas turbines

in Germany (inventions):

At the TH Hanover and TH Aachen

- Push button telephone with dialling indicator ***)
- Secondary electron emission amplifier for military and astronomic purposes ****)

Hobby projects

- Projects of aeromodels with electric, gas 2-stroke and 4-stroke and Diesel propulsion and gliders
- Various modifications and adaptations in sail boats and yachts

*) discontinued, because the brazilian complementary parts supplier CBC of São Carlos went bankrupt
**) discontinued because of the exigency of the Brazilian Government to produce the motors locally, for which we were not prepared
***) was shown on the Hannover Fair, but only with a patent pre-register which was not maintained for cost reasons. The first touch button telephones were produced twenty years later by a belgian firm and a japanese company based on old publications in technical periodicals
****) was patented half a year later independently by Siemens