I was always interested in sports. In my youth I practiced a lot of bicycling combined with camping, crossing the Schwaebische Alb, along the river Donau and back to my home town Eislingen/Fils. As a student I practiced tenis at the Schwarz-Weis Tennis and Hockey Club Neuss and box at school, which I started again last year.

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Box training at the Academia Corpo Laser - ICRJ

I always liked, too, bow and arrow, this is at 30 meters distance

Skeet shooting in the rain in Germany, one of the more rare sports

Motorcycling is one of my favorites, here riding a cross-country Yamaha DT 125, my first motor bike in Brazil

Golf at the Teresopolis Golf Club, I came to this sport rather late and as an ex-tenis player had a lot of adaptation difficulties

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Golf companions at the Teresopolis Golf Club

Last, but not least aeromodelling, here my V 51 competition model of 1952, rebuilt for electric power