He was not mine, but he is surely the ancestor of all my dogs

Dogs are lovely creatures and all-understanding companions. There were many other dogs than the ones listed here, but time has left no pictures of them. I am accompanied by dogs since my childhood. My first dog was a wire hair fox terrier with a black heart on his left side. As this was in plain WW2, there are no pictures left. I shall place here a symbolic picture, the name was Rowdy.


Rowdy, in memoriam, where are you?

(picture taken from the internet)


Cheri was my first dog after the war, super intelligent, Dusseldorf Poodle Race Vice-Champion


1961 Basko, an english lord, my first dog in Brazil, brought over from Germany

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1959 Basko, still in Germany, fishing stones in a Bavarian mountain river

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1961 Basko as a beach surfboy, Rio, Recreio dos Bandeirantes,
excellent swimmer and surfer!


The Doberman CORA ("Doberfrau"), mother of champions,
six months old

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Cora, learning Judo fighting with son Markus

thumb_1985 Moritz + Rosinha_1024
1985 Rosinha and her son Moritz, proof that I also love cats

thumb_1989 China_1024

"China", he lived in our farm, fierce defender of the property

thumb_1988 Gurgel Carajas_1024
On the farm "Fazenda do Lobo e da Onca", China defending "his" car

thumb_1989 Arthur_1024

Arthur ("King Arthur"), beautiful, but a bit difficult, because he was over-bred

thumb_Arthur 2_1024
Arthur again, a majestic beauty

1986 Lobo
1986 Lobo

teresa com Zé e Flor

Teresa with her children Flor and Zé (in the Background)

Zé com football

Zé, brazilian Fila, strong and true, with his beloved football

Pasted Graphic 2

Zé in the kitchen, home of all dogs

thumb_Zé 2_1024

Zé again, already with some age, defending my hammock

thumb_1994 Flor_1024

Zé's sister Florzinha, look the size of a Brazilian Fila!

Teresa and puppies

Teresa's puppies, 2nd round

Teresa and puppies 1

The puppies Botas, Brasa, PC, Benno, Bonzo, Bravo and the only female Betty

thumb_Lea 1_1024

Lea (Wanderlea), a portuguese Podengo, rescued from the Macaé de Cima forest

Lea 3
Where is the best place to take a nap?


Viriato, oversized German Teckel, he lives together with Lea in our house,
also rescued from the Macaé de Cima forest

My true companions Lea and Viriato