My aeromodelling career started in 1950, when a friend of mine at school showed me some old periodicals with a lot of plans of aeromodels. I liked very much a Horten Nurfluegel with 1,70 m wingspan and built it without any instruction. I must say there had been some trials before with plans of my own of flying saucers and other crazy projects, but all failed for lack of experience in project and execution. Thus the Nurfluegel was the first successful model, which you can see below. It flew away in a winter thermal, because it had no break parachute.

1950 My Horten "Nurfluegel"

Later on I entered into the MFG - Modellfluggruppe Goeppingen, where I could get better instructions and made a lot of friends

MFG Goeppingen 1952
1952 MFG Goeppingen, Alfred Kiesel, Jean Krah, Rolf Löffelhard and others

In this group I built a very ambitious project, the free flight competition motor model, FAI motor class I, called V-51 designed by Karl Barth and Walter Naegele, powered by a 2,5 ccm Webra Diesel

thumb_V-51 1952_1024
My V-51

60 years later I built the same model of my youth, but adapted to electric power and polyester covering

V-51, electric power, wing span 1700 mm

My last project at the MFG Goeppingen , a design of my own was a small free flight, FAI motor class I competition model, which was damaged by a competitor at the South German Free Flight Championships 1953, so that I could not test any more its performance, because I already moved to the north. Club companions told me, that after a light repair it performed very well. It was (over)powered by a Webra 1,5.
1953 Flugmodell FAI Kl.1
No name, w.sp. aprox. 900 mm, Webra 1,5 ccm, my last project in Goeppingen

Today I am member of the ACA, Associacao Carioca de Aeromodelismo, Rio de Janeiro, MBC Burgdorf and MBC Lehrte, both Germany.

All these years I was very busy building models (more than flying) and at certain times I had about 20 models in Germany and 20 models in Brazil. Below some examples of the most memorable models, small ones, big ones, gliders, electric, Diesel, Methanol 2-stroke and four stroke driven and pure demo models

thumb_2015 Bgdf Playboy Senior_1024
One of my favorites, a Philadelphia Playboy, 2 m wingspan with an O.S. .30 FS

Pasted Graphic
1942 Old-timer Gas Bag, wing span 1120 mm, Diesel PAW 090

AmigoIII-05 (3)
A vintage glider, Graupner Amigo III, 2 m wingspan with an auxiliary electric wing motor (original Graupner)

Oldtimer LullaBi, wing span 600 mm, Cox 049 R/C

Another project of my own, Tiny, with a Norvel.061 glow engine.
The nice 3-blade prop is just to avoid a ground touch when running

launching the Phoenix
Launching the Phoenix, EP MP Jet AC 28/7-350, LiPo 3x1300 mAh, wing span 1500 mm

Old timer Vicky, EP Permax 600 G 3:1, 3x3000 mAh LiPo, wing span 1600 mm

Pasted Graphic 1

1934 Old-timer King Burd , 960 mm wing span, MP Jet diesel .040 "classic"

1948 Old-timer Ichabod, 1524 mm wingspan, PAW Diesel 3 ccm

thumb_2015 Me 109 E_1024
Me 109, Demo model

Blue Max
Blue Max, wing span 1700 mm,Thunder Tiger .54 FS

SIG Four Star, wing span 1517 mm, O.S. .56 Alpha FS

FW 190- A3

FW 190 A, demo model, donated to the Aerospace Museum Rio


1947 Old-timer Korzar, 1200 mm wingspan, vintage Diesel Super Atom 1,8 (replica)

of the 50ties, Vic Smed, Tomboy 36 EP

Some of my vintage motors:

MP Jet 1,0 ccm
Modern MP Jet Diesel 1,00 ccm (no vintage)

Schlosser 1,0 ccm
Vintage Diesel Schlosser 1,0 ccm (1956?)

Super Atom 1,8
Replica Diesel Super Atom 1,8 (MP Jet)

Webra 1,5 ccm 1952
1952 Webra 1,5 ccm

Webra 2,5 ccm 1951
1951 Webra 2,5 ccm, my first motor, powering my V-51, FAI free flight motor class 1

Webra 2,5 ccm

Once more the Webra 2,5 ccm